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                         A day in the life of an Isle Empress

Aloha and welcome back! I am so excited to share with you all the latest Video Shoot I personally styled and directed for Isle Empress. The video features Maui’s innate beauty as well as some gorgeous Mana Wahines in a plethora of exotic fashion, and one-of-a-kind statement jewelry.

Just another day in the life of an Isle Empress. No big deal. 😉

Click the pic below to watch the video!

Goddess Gathering

The truly blessed day was all captured on film by the amazing Kyle Sinner from Superfly Maui. Kyle was very professional, efficient and affordable. He was the perfect person to make my vision come to life. Based in Maui, Superfly comes highly recommended for all of your videography needs!

Goddess Gathering

Maui Waterfalls

My wild tribe and I spent an epic day playing dress up and hiking through the jungle to a remote waterfall for a lovely little picnic. We are so blessed living in the beautiful Hawai’i Nei where there is an abundance of flora and fauna at every glance. Nature is not hard to come by. Trying to coordinate 8 Empresses on the other hand, is not as easily obtained ;). We all managed to gather and wow, it is amazing how powerful the divine feminine is!

I can’t express enough gratitude for all the global Goddesses that partook in such a beautiful day. By surrounding yourself with strong independent female entrepreneurs, business owners, and mothers it is uplifting, inspiring and empowering. It is crucial to hold a space for times like these. Sharing the bond of sisterhood, reconnecting with nature and embracing Mother Earth and all her blessings. Giving thanks.

We fed off fruits from the magical Aina and soaked in the sunshine and breathed in whats been called the freshest air in the world, of Kahakuloa Valley. Maui truly is No Ka Oi.

Isle Empress Fashion

All the the apparel and accessories showcased I’ve hand selected from around the world and are available for sale at Isle Empress Etsy Shop!

 Empress Kawehi wearing Karen Hill Tribe pure Silver Cuff and matching silver ring along with a big Mother Of Pearl statement necklace and cowry shell ring.

Kawehi, a Hawaiian Goddess from the heart of the Valley Isle. Kawehi is not only a single mother of 2, she has also started her own business offering traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. Lomi Aloha is based out of Maui and can work wonders for your body, mind, and spirit.

Island Girl

Empress Mata wearing an Akha Hill Tribe Skirt and Hmong Hill Tribe bag I collected in Chang Mai, Thailand. I found the antique Pakistani beaded necklace at the Turkish Bazaar in Istanbul. A serious statement piece.

Sade Matauaina, Poly Passion, titta, afakasi, my bestie and soul sister. Mata is a fabric flower artist and has her own company Triple Aloha and ships her designs world wide. Mata is also an amazing jewelry maker, singer and dancer. Im pretty much her #1 fan ;). Mata is always there for me and is consistently representing Isle Empress in the Up most beautiful way, with integrity, class and style. A true Isle Empress.

More Maui Mana Wahines

 Empress Karilily wearing spiral brass ring, statement earrings and Masai inspired beaded necklace.

Karilily, amazing mother of 3, yogini, ordained minister, dancer and entrepreneur. Karilily founded Oshun Yoga and travels the world hosting retreats. She also teaches Zumba, dance and can pretty much manifest anything to her desire. Karilily is a truly inspiring Queen.

Moroccan Kilim Clutch

Empress Yatta wearing traditional Ankara Wax Print skirt and bangles paired with a colorful Moroccan Kilim Clutch I hand selected in the souks of Marrakech.

Yatta, the stunning Liberian Nubian Queen. Yatta works overtime being a mother and stenographer. She has started her own company Steno based here on maui. Yatta also works at Aloha Bars Maui, the most incredible mobil bar service on island!

                               Empress Tamika wearing a handmade green Maile ti leaf lei, a big Shiva Eye shell statement necklace and a Bali Bamboo Batik Sarong.

Another Polynesian Queen and Maui Native, Tamika, has also recently started her own tour business called Aloha Mission. Aloha Missions offers real authentic Hawaiian experiences, unlike any other tour company. Emerge yourself in the depth of Hawaiian culture, and do it with some of the most stunning mana wahines on Island.

Maui Mana Wahines

My list of Isle Empresses and all of their individual talents and businesses could go on and on. I just wanted to share a few BIG aspirations us mana wahines have on this little island of Maui.

Support Local

A majority of the products I offer are fairly traded and hand selected from the individual artist or designer. It is important to support small local businesses as well as female entrepreneurs. By doing this you stimulate the local economy and and provoke equality. Give back to your personal community by getting away from mass produced items found in big box chains and shopping at your independent retailers instead.

Add a uniqueness to your neighborhood by partaking in something as simple as small business Saturdays or shop at your local farmers market. Also, by shopping local we can find more authentic experiences, all while helping small businesses thrive.

On behalf of all my Maui Mana Wahines, we thank you.

Until Next time Empresses, stay wandering, stay wild. xo