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A day in the life of an Isle Empress

Isle Empress

Some of my favorite pastime is just dressing up all my Isle Empresses and having a picnic or a tea party at my house. I live on a beautiful 3 acre property banana plantation on the north shore of Maui Hawai’i.  I am so very grateful for this A’ina and all of its blessings. It is easy living, but with that mellow island vibe us feminine women don’t get many opportunities to really get dressed up and go out. But that is no excuse for us to not be the royal queens we are and naturally partake in all the fun funky fashion trends that go around.  So no matter if it’s loungin’ at the hale, a walk on the beach, a lazy day at the river or a hike in the jungle, we dress to impress!!  And always come prepared!  We might live in slippas, but we never leave the house without a bikini, sarong and any Isle Empress exotic fashion, timeless jewelry and statement accessories!

Below are some shots of Maui’s Isle Empresses At play!





dsc00031 - version 2